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Thermal Processing Effects Palatability

How thermal processing can alter the color and composition of a palatant.

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AFB International is the leader in pet food palatability. Ensuring product performance for pet food manufacturers – and their customers – is our business.

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Palatant Performance in Wet Pet Food when using Thermal Processing

AFB is focused on clearly understanding the needs of our customers. This includes building expertise on the interaction of our palatant with various diets and processing methods—the foundation of our success in supporting customers.  When it comes to wet pet food, the palatants may be exposed to one or more…

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The Effect of Thermal Processing on Palatant Performance in Wet Pet Food

OVERVIEW Palatants are flavor enhancers, that are applied in pet foods to improve their inherent palatability and increase acceptability. They can take various forms, such as liquids or powders, and are typically coated onto dry kibble or added within the chunk or gravy of wet pet foods. Palatants designed for…

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AFB is traveling all over the globe in 2024!

We are excited to announce that we will be participating in six different tradeshows and expos across the globe this year! These events are crucial for us as they enable us to connect with our customers, vendors, and other important industry contacts. Moreover, these customer-facing pet food industry events help…

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