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Even the most nutritious pet food is of no value if a cat or dog won’t eat it.

That’s where the right palatant can make a difference. Palatants are ingredient systems that are specially designed to improve food consumption. They are designed to appeal to one or more of a pet’s sensory capacities – olfactory, chemaesthetic, taste, and texture. Palatants are applied topically to pet food in liquid or dry form, or a combination of both. AFB’s portfolio of palatants are formulated to deliver optimal performance for each customer’s unique needs.

Palatant Solutions

Clean Label

Today’s pet parents often look for pet food attributes that are similar to what they want in their own diets. To many, this means eating clean foods with recognizable ingredients, a short and simple ingredient list and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. AFB palatants can help meet clean label attributes.

Functional Ingredients

Functional ingredients can provide additional health benefits to cats and dogs. AFB palatants applied to the outside of the kibble or mixed into the kibble or wet food can be designed to successfully deliver these ingredients.

Protein Sources

Palatants may be meat or non-meat-based, depending on desired performance targets, cost requirements and label claims. Palatants can also be developed for diets using novel proteins not commonly found in pet food.

Specialized Diets

Pet food is designed to provide a complete and balanced diet and may be formulated to address a specific dietary need. These specialized diets may not be able to use fat or other palatability drivers because of their specific formulations. AFB palatants can increase the performance of these typically less palatable diets.

Wet Food for Cats

AFB understands the inherent complexity of wet cat food palatability. Our knowledge of the ingredients and processes that drive breakthrough palatability help to deliver the performance pet parents expect.

Product Forms

While all pet food is designed to meet a cat or dog’s nutritional needs, there is often a preference by the pet and pet parent for a particular type of diet. The product form can affect taste and texture. AFB has experience creating palatable solutions for a variety of pet food forms.

Sustainable Ingredients

There is a growing demand for sustainable products in the pet food industry. AFB is committed to doing our part by using ingredients that that have less impact on the environment. We work to reduce pet food’s overall carbon footprint by using upcycled raw materials. We are also committed to process improvements that make our manufacturing more efficient.

Processing Conditions

Variations in processing conditions can have different effects on flavor and texture. This affects the palatability of the pet food. Collaborating with our customers to understand their manufacturing process allows AFB to develop palatants that deliver superior performance.

To learn more view our palatant solutions catalog.

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