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Research + Development

Our global R&D team uses scientific approaches and advanced technologies to help customers maximize pet food performance.
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In addition to how much pets eat, we also measure how they eat. Our Applied Behavior Support team has developed methods to augment technical consumption data by quantifying pets’ responses to food which we call Performance Beyond ConsumptionSM.
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Pilot Plant

Our process research laboratory, a unique customer resource located in St. Charles, Missouri, USA, features a pilot-sized, scalable manufacturing platform capable of producing palatants as well as dog and cat food prototypes.

Technical Palatability

Cats and dogs can’t verbally tell us which food they prefer. AFB conducts palatability trials to measure a pet’s acceptance or preference for a food.
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Quality Compliance

Taking a proactive approach to food safety and quality has always been a top priority for AFB. We have received certifications that demonstrate our commitment to providing palatant consistency and product safety throughout all our global AFB manufacturing facilities.
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Analytical Testing

With the use of our electronic sensors, we are able to approximate and quantify the overall “smell” and “taste” of a food, much like the animal experiences while eating. This allows us to shorten the flavor development cycle and screen multiple formulations before palatability trials with cats and dogs.
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Regulatory Affairs

Pet food is subject to regulations that vary by state or country. AFB’s global Regulatory team can help pet food manufacturers navigate the requirements for pet food and pet food palatants.

Customer Engagement

Whether it’s evaluating how product components improve palatability, analyzing sensory feedback from discriminating pets or conducting head-to-head tests with competitors’ products, AFB scientists are skilled at asking the right questions—and finding answers that support progress and performance.