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AFB website – User experience improved!

When you go to a company website, you want to find things quickly. What’s the best way to apply pet food palatants? How do I contact AFB in Brazil? What can I learn about the relationship between kibble size and palatability?

A primary purpose of AFB’s website is to share important information about pet food and palatants with pet professionals. To improve the visitor experience, AFB’s digital website platform has recently been enhanced to be more user-friendly, especially when looking for specific information. Visitors can find various technical downloads on palatability-related topics. The papers are designed to be informative for all visitors, including those who are new to the industry as well as those with more experience.  

AFB’s regularly updated blog reports include technical white papers, global tradeshow presentation announcements, and AFB corporate news.  And now you can access both our technical downloads and read our blogs on our main website by doing a keyword search. We invite you to check out all the pages on the AFB website – there is more content and numerous improvements not mentioned here for visitors to enjoy. If you have questions or suggestions for digital content, please email AFB at