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July 29th is recognized as National Intern Day, a day to celebrate future leaders in the workforce. This National Intern Day, AFB and EBI would like to take some time to appreciate the interns we have had work with us throughout the years.

Internships have many benefits – they can help you gain work experience, explore a career path, develop new skills, network, build confidence, and, most importantly, help you transition into a career. Here at AFB International, we recognize the importance an internship can have on young professionals and strive to give them the best opportunities for career growth. For many years, AFB and EBI have had the privilege of inviting a group of college students from various universities to participate in a summer internship. Our interns are placed in a range of departments throughout the company, from engineering, quality, sales, research and development, and everywhere in between. This allows them to get a feel for the field of their interest as well as the AFB International culture and community. Many of our interns enjoy the experience so much that they decide to stay with AFB.

Christina, a research and development intern turned full-time employee, stated, “The reason I decided to take a full-time role with AFB was the amazing experience I had with the technical team. Not only is everyone very knowledgeable, but the teamwork and support of my coworkers allowed me and the team as a whole to perform effectively and impactfully, which really stood out to me.”

Please join us this Intern Day and congratulate the 2022 summer interns!