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Get to know your product!

PETS International, September 2023 Issue article “Get to know your product!” talks about some of the variables that affects your pet food taste.

Get to know your product!

With prices rising, pet food producers are looking for ways to optimize their formulas and develop new products that are tasty for pets.

To understand what changes can be made to optimize products or create a better-performing product, it is important to be aware of all the variables that can determine success. Next to quality and nutrition, taste is one of the major factors that influence possible success.

Key considerations
It is known that taste is not only related to the presence or absence of a palatant. There are multiple factors that influence taste. To boost the success of pet food products, it’s essential to have a good understanding of such factors and their positive (or negative) impact on your product.

Do you know if the coating of your kibble is performing well? What about the freshness of the ingredients used? Is the texture of your wet food or kibble optimal?

Finding answers to these questions calls for a sound understanding of your current product, as well as its production process. This is the basis for finding out
where palatability improvements can be made.

How AFB can help
AFB can help you understand the complete palatability and performance of your product. Their experienced R&D team can take an in-depth look into your products and production processes.

With the support of an external lab, their R&D team collaborates closely with customers to perform compositional, functional and sensory analyses of feed
ingredients, process intermediates and final products. A detailed outcomes report provides the framework for improvement recommendations. Additionally, AFB supports you in finding the best palatant solution for your products, while simultaneously optimizing your production process.

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