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China Market Trends and Tradeshow Highlights

The 11th Beijing International Pet Products Exhibition (referred to as: Eagle Beijing Pet Fair) was held from 29 March to 1 April 2023 at the China International Exhibition Centre (Shunyi New Hall). The show brings together 1,300 quality enterprises, 11,000 exhibiting brands, 120,000 square meters of display area, and the debut of new pet products from around the world. This show is also a platform for face-to-face communication between exhibitors and buyers that integrates industry exchange, business matching, brand promotion and new product experience. As the world’s largest and most influential pet industry exhibition, 250,000 pet lovers registered to attend.

A number of brands focused on the introduction of some new production process of pet products, pet food with low-temperature baking process began to be the focus on the Beijing pet Expo. The main claims of low-temperature baking pet food is that it ripens the ingredients at 80 ° C-100 ° C, maximizes the preservation of the original flavor, and protects some of the heat-sensitive vitamins and probiotics. The brands on display are Shiji, Jianli, Dr Cat, Brander, Meow Sheng habitually raised, Lemo, meat mat, Billy Foo, Weiss, Chun Ho and Sun Long.

Widening the boundaries of pet food raw materials, lions-head goose and black pigs have also come to the pet plate of the mainstream pet food market joining mainly to fish, cattle, chicken, sheep, rabbit and other ingredients. Nowadays, pigeon meat and horse meat are also the main ingredients of pet food in the region. Guangdong Pet on display the lions-head goose as the main raw material of freeze-dried products, freeze-dried goose heart, freeze-dried goose liver, freeze-dried goose throat and freeze-dried goose blood. The lions-head goose, as the largest goose, has been shown to boost the immunity of pets and replenish their hemoglobin says the company. Patebo, owned by Dames, displayed a dog food with black-haired pigs as the main source of meat. They say use of human-grade, black-haired pork as the main raw material for pets provides adequate animal protein. In addition to the raw material boundary of staple food, the main choice of pet health products is also being broadened.

Producers are upgrading canned food packaging to make it safer for consumers. Canned food is a big part of the pet food market, but the process of opening an ordinary can of food can hurt pet owners’ fingers, and this pain point has attracted the attention of pet food companies. At the Beijing pet show, many brands have introduced similar tinfoil-sealed pet cans, which are called soft seal, and are safer for pet owners. In addition, some brands have added a piece of cardboard at the opening of a can, which costs less than a soft-sealed can, and allows the owner to open the can easier with one hand.

Tinfoil-sealed food cans

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