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Join AFB at All Pet Day 2021

AFB International is proud to be a part of this year’s All Pet Food Day and to have the opportunity to train the leaders of the future.  At this virtual conference on August 26th, pet food professionals can get the latest updates on nutrition and processing from industry experts.

Cesar Garrasino, Technical Service Manager for AFB International in Latin America will present “Measuring Cat Food Enjoyment:  Beyond Intake Ratio.”  Typical cat food palatability methods like two-bowl or one-bowl trials are a valuable way to evaluate food preference and acceptance.  AFB has also determined other ways to evaluate cat food enjoyment, and developed new methods that would be representative of what a pet parent might experience at home.  This presentation will reveal how these behavior measures can provide insight to product performance and augment consumption data.

For free registration to All Pet Food Day 2021, follow this link:

If you would like additional information and are located in the Latin America market, please email Cesar Garrasino, Technical Manager,

To learn more about this behavior research, download our white paper “Beyond Consumption:  Measuring Cats’ Food Enjoyment” by Dr. Susan Jojola, Manager, Applied Behavior Research, AFB International.