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Pet Food Industry Trends – Zoomark 2023

From May 15-17th the twentieth edition of the pet industry tradeshow Zoomark was held in Bologna, Italy. Zoomark is a rising tradeshow in Europe with 1,060 exhibitors, more than double the amount of the edition of 2021. The exhibitors originated from 57 countries across the globe.

AFB International was excited to visit this pet industry event with representation from our European and North American teams. It was a great way to meet up with our customers and gain more insights in the current pet food trends.

The Pet Vision area of Zoomark highlighted the five most important megatrends. It also showed new items.

Pet Vision area

Green transition: The focus of this trend is on sustainability and the environment like recyclable packaging and insect-based pet food.

Value for money: This trend has the focus on high price-quality ratio. An important trend, especially during these times of inflation where customers are more focused on saving money.

Healthy and Functional: A trend where functional products are designed to meet the health and wellbeing of pets. There were numerous products that focused on supplementing pets with healthy nutrients in addition to their diets, like prebiotics and probiotics for gut health, supplements for joint health or improve skin/coat health.

Tailor-made: This trend covers products with a high level of specialization and personalization like customized diets, breed/age specific diets or different food formats i.e., freeze dried or raw diets.

Spoil me more: A trend focused on extra attention to show the love towards our beloved pets. Treats in every shape and size, in combination with one or more of the above-mentioned trends, are the best example of this.

5 most important megatrends

Next to visiting the booth floor, also presentations about the market were attended by our team at Zoomark. Euromonitor gave a presentation called: “Pet care in Europe: The impact of inflation and future prospects for growth”. Talking about drivers of inflation, company strategies and consumers response. 2022 has shown that pet food is a resilient industry with value sales throughout 2022 rising up to 10%. In the coming years, convenience and personalization become a more important topic with younger generations. As is sustainability, were at this moment Germany is one of the most developed markets.

We had a very fruitful visit to Zoomark this year. Attending events like Zoomark gives us a great opportunity to meet up with our customers, get a better understanding of the market and the challenges faced. It will help us to develop solutions to overcome these challenges.