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Vice President Global Research & Development Announced

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Ceddia has been named Vice President, Global Research & Development.

Mike is bringing his scientific leadership and strategic direction to advance AFB’s science and technology initiatives. Together, these capabilities will help AFB further discover and develop new ways to make companion pet food more palatable, thereby improving customer satisfaction and helping them achieve their business needs.

In addition to Science & Technology, Mike will also lead teams for Global Regulatory, Quality, Project Management, and Technical Insights. Prior to joining AFB, Mike held a variety of Executive Leadership roles within Research & Development in consumer products, pet food, nutritional, and pharmaceutical companies.

“Mike brings great leadership experience and strategic customer focus. We are excited for him to join AFB and we look forward to the advancement of innovation, science-based solutions, and technical services to better partner with our customers,” said Dale Spence, Interim President, AFB International.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the AFB Global R&D Team,” said Mike. “I look forward to helping the company expand our innovation and new product development while continuing to deliver a high level of technical service to our customers. I am eager to bring my knowledge and experience to the team and help drive the company’s ongoing growth. With AFB International’s commitment to innovation and excellence, I am confident that we will continue to achieve great success together.”

At AFB, our Research and Development team is an integral part of creating palatable pet food. For more details on how AFB palatants can enhance the taste of your pet food product, please visit our website at Alternatively, if you wish to contact Mike directly, you can reach him at