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In a recent study, AFB International’s Research and Development Team measured multiple responses during cats’ interactions with food.

Tim Koester, Product Manager at AFB International talks about our membership with the Pet Sustainability Coalition in our newest vlog. If you would like to learn more about AFB’s sustainability efforts, contact Tim Koester at tkoester@afbinternational.com.

AFB International was honored to have the opportunity to bring our palatability research to the China pet food market.  Partnering with Charlie Xie, Technical Manager for AFB China, we recently presented our research on measuring cats’ eating enjoyment at the China Online Forum – Pet Food Technology, Application and Innovation….

People expend a great deal of effort making food taste good. Is it any wonder that our pets respond to food flavors as well? Not only do we want pets to enjoy mealtime, we want to ensure they’re getting proper nutrition to support a vibrant, healthy life. Our recent video All About…

Why it is not a simple question to answer.

Creating a product that satisfies a cat’s preference can be challenging. Drivers such as aroma, taste and temperature are important in determining if a cat will prefer a particular food. A cat’s teeth are made for shearing and tearing, thus making kibble texture and size another factor in determining which…